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It is truly an exciting time when one embarks on a new business venture. Months, sometimes years of planning culminate in what was once a pipe dream becoming a reality.

Among all the excitement is often the process of registering a new company. An issue which I have however seen repeat itself several times amongst newly registered companies is that post registration, the directors often have no concept of the corporate red tape associated with a company.

It is often a shock to the new directorate that they need to adhere to multiple legislations

and have many strict compliance deadlines. A company needs to maintain compliance with

institutions such as SARS, COIDA, CIPC and the UIF department just to mention a few. There are also the countless legislations starting with the Companies Act, Income Tax Act and POPI Act to mention a few.

South Africa has truly saddening failure rates for start-ups, don’t become part of the

statistics, consult a professional and begin your new venture with all the necessary

knowledge at hand.

When turning your dream into a reality, consult a business adviser to assist with firstly the correct entity type for your needs and secondly so that they can explain the regulations attached, contact our team at SGN Konsult for advice or guidance through the process.

Contact us at for more information.

The SGN Konsult Team.


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